Friends of Int'ls

Friends of Internationals is a ministry that seeks to befriend international students (IS) with the love of Christ. We see this as a beautiful expression of His command to love our neighbors, while envisioning that it could make an everlasting kingdom impact.

Why befriend international students?

  • Many international students who come to the US are separated from their family and friends, and often feel lonely, isolated, and unsure of how to relate with America’s culture and its people.
  • The students are much more open to the Gospel here than they are at home, and you can reach internationally without having to go abroad, pay an airfare, and face language barriers.
  • By reaching these individuals with the love and gospel of Jesus Christ, you can make a difference in the world as they return to their home countries and reproduce their faith in the lives of their friends, families, community and country.

Did you know that ...?

  • Over 1 million of the world’s best and brightest students, scholars and researchers from around the world are studying in America.
  • Many of these students come from Gospel restricted nations (e.g. Saudi Arabia, China, etc.) and will return to their home countries to positions of power and influence, in government, business, and academia, They are the next generation of world’s leadership.
  • USC had the second largest number of international students in the country after New York University. USC hosted 13,340 international students, followed by UCLA with 11,513 students during the 2015-16 academic year.

Statistical facts:

  • By 2035, it is predicted that 50% of the world’s leaders will have been international students.
  • About 75% of international students have never been invited into an American home.
  • 80% have never entered an American church.

How can you befriend an international student with YNCC?

  • Get connected: Invite them to your home, come to the next event, join the ministry, and/or simply get connected with an international student or a campus ministry through Friends of Internationals.
  • Communication: Include them in your life’s schedule and contact them regularly (i.e. weekly text, periodical outing/meal, etc.)
  • Pray: Pray for them regularly, and witness God change their lives.

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