Missionary Care


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MCare provides all of our missionary units worldwide with a focused sense of connection with their home church here at YNCC. MCare facilitates communications, re-entry and logistics support services through every phase of the missionaries' interactions with the YNCC community. We strive to develop supportive, caring and growing relationships with our missionaries in the field, overseas and domestic and enable our congregation to see how God is actively moving at work around the world.


  • RECEPTIONS : Join us in rolling out the YNCC carpet in sending and welcoming our re-entering missionaries during their furloughs, as we pray and hear their testimonies. HOSPITALITY: Care for our missionaries by facilitating critical immediate needs upon returning home including the use of loaner vehicles, mobile phones, interim housing and airport transportation.
  • CARE PACKAGES : Join us in preparing seasonal care packages exhibiting our love and care with the little details and surprises from our church home to our missionaries all around the world.
  • MISSIONARY KIDS (MKs) : Help us love, support and care for the children of missionaries serving overseas who are attending schools back home here.
  • PRAYER : Join the YNCC family as we lift up our missionaries and support their work for God's Kingdom through our prayers monthly on campus. For the specific time and location, please contact us.