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Welcome to Short-term Mission Trip!


2018 Trips

Countries Dates Ministry
Turkey & Greece 5/18 - 6/3 Friendship Evangelism
& Refugee Ministry
Indonesia (PalLink) 5/31 - 6/10 English & Sports Camp
Mexico 7/29 - 8/3 Partnership with a Local Church
Kyrgyzstan 9/1 - 9/9 Business as Mission
& Healthcare Ministry

*The dates and costs may vary, and could be adjusted during training.
*Application Deadline: 2/28
*Training Begins: 3/10

Application Process

  • Schedule an interview with a SMT coordinator or missions pastor.


  • A baptized member of YNCC (if not, the applicants must go through baptism and become a member of YNCC prior to departure).
  • Non-YNCC members can apply with the recommendation of his/her home church pastor.
  • Must participate in all training sessions (at least 85%).

Financial Commitment

  • Participant must personally contribute to the cost of the trip (1/2 or 1/3).
  • Participant must be willing to raise support (1/4 or 1/3).
  • Church will contribute to the participant’s trip (1/4 or 1/3).



Turkey & Greece

Dates: 5/18 - 6/3
Cost: $3,500

Ministry: Friendship Evangelism
The spiritual climate has been dramatically changing in the region and many are  coming to faith in Jesus in unprecedented numbers. Through this trip you will be able to witness a glimpse of the amazing work God is doing in the Muslim world, as you work with YNCC's commissioned workers and help the local church with friendship evangelism and praise/worship, and provide English Camp/VBS for refugee children.

Ministry: Refugee Ministry
There is an amazing harvest happening among the Afghanistani and Iranian refugees in Greece. The refugees that the team will minister to are either open minded or new converts, and they are open to the Gospel and the deeper teachings of it. The team will till the ground/hearts and cultivate the harvest of those who God has made ready, as well as provide vocational training, so that they can integrate into their new lives. Due to cultural/social reasons, the ministry will be gender specific. Women will teach vocational cooking (food); and the men will teach vocational cooking (food), as well as provide evangelism/discipleship and mentorship.
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Indonesia (PalLink)

Dates: 5/31 - 6/10
Cost: $2,000
Ministry: English & Sports Camp
The team will work with local PalLink partners, by providing English and Sports Camp for primary and middle school students at RSI (an international Christian school). The camp helps promote the school and its English Immersion program, as it carries out its vision in raising up Godly leaders and its mission in glorifying God in an Islamic country. If you love kids and full of energy, this is for you! By partaking this trip, you will be able witness the beautiful work that God is doing in the PalLink region, and firsthand experience and be a part of YNCC's long-term global commitment.

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Dates: 7/29 - 8/3
Cost: $500
Ministry: Partnership with a Local Church
The team will uplift and build upon what YUGO (a missions agency) is doing in the communities of Mexico, by encouraging and supporting the local church and the children from the neighborhood through VBS, feeding program, and more. This is a priceless opporunity for you to get uncomfortable and to take a step of faith in sharing the love of Christ together with your faith community. You can form your own group (10+ ppl) with your CG, friends, other families, and/or just sign up as an individual. Please contact us if you would like to form your own group.
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Dates: 9/1 - 9/9
Cost: $2,200
Ministry: Business as Mission & Healthcare Ministry
The team will work alongside YNCC’s partnering workers in healthcare ministry (i.e. provide patient care, train local dentists and physicians, etc.) and its operations (i.e. improve the medical facilities, clinical operations, business management, book keeping, etc.). Serve God and His people with your gifts and skills, whether it is in the field of the business, consulting, finance, or healthcare; and partner with Him in transforming this country, as you equip and encourage those He is using.
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